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LifeLite Pepperball Launcher

The PepperBall® products provide a new alternative to personal security. You no longer need to choose between decisive lethal force and uncertain non-lethal options. You get confidence, security, and peace of mind that you can protect yourself without the worry of delivering a fatal or feeble response.

PepperBall Lifelite Mobile Defense Launcher

The PepperBall LifeLite Mobile offers the right solution for a non-lethal approach to your personal protection and to protect your family when their safety is threatened.

Built on the success of the first generation, LifeLite Mobile is designed to be more portable and convenient to transport or carry. Equipped with a dual-LED flashlight and built-in PepperBall launcher, LifeLite Mobile offers covert protection in plain sight. Designed to launch PepperBall projectiles from as far as 40 feet away, the built-in light guide helps the user find and hit the target with ease.


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