Don’t Become A Personal Attack Statistic

According to the FBI crime stats, there are over 1,300,000 violent crimes reported every year in this country, and these include over 800,000 aggravated assaults, over 88,000 forcible rapes, and over 400,000 robberies. People often feel uneasy in public places, and with so much crime happening, many people are purchasing non-lethal self-defense products to have onRead More

Important Home Defense Reminders

Being prepared for a home invasion could be the difference between life and death. As a home owner, home defense is something you have to always be concerned about. As hard times increase, so does the chance of burglary or home invasion. You can’t just assume that you will never become the victim of suchRead More

Consider Your Selfe Defense Options

Ultimately your mindset is one of the biggest determining factors to your safety.  For instance, look at special operations teams and special military and law enforcement units around the world.  They practice in areas and situations that are simply “potential,” and they practice as though they are a normal occurrence.  The muscle memory, the experience,Read More

Pay Attention…Be Prepared

Many people believe the first step to self-protection is purchasing a firearm. While it is important, buying a gun is a singular action and not the whole sum of personal protection. One of the most important steps you can take is learning about situational awareness and how to properly apply it. Situational awareness (SA) isRead More

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Aliquet auctor cubilia a occaecati accusantium consectetuer quas aptent, mauris fusce. Sunt quaerat gravida vero! Vero. Rutrum consequuntur urna, aliquet penatibus inceptos ultricies velit, ipsa, esse laboriosam libero posuere! Non aspernatur natus cupidatat illo mi vulputate, lacinia, vero, eum mollitia voluptates magna, expedita commodi mauris. Mattis laudantium earum, tempor, nunc ipsa, ab sed beatae, deseruntRead More

Developing Self Awareness For Self Protection

The Awareness Factor– Most Important Factor in Self Defense January 23, 2017 By Eva S There are numerous aspects to effective self defense including everything from weapons, to striking, to clinching, to wrestling on the ground. But there’s one particular aspect to protecting yourself that’s hands down more important than all the rest combined… It’s not your striking. It’sRead More

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