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Developing Self Awareness For Self Protection

The Awareness Factor– Most Important Factor in Self Defense January 23, 2017 By Eva S There are numerous aspects to effective self defense including everything from weapons, to striking, to clinching, to wrestling on the ground. But there’s one particular aspect to protecting yourself that’s hands down more important than all the rest combined… It’s not your striking. It’sRead More

Women’s Self Defense: Getting Physical

The lumping of women’s self- ­defense with gimmicks that prey on female fear is indefensible. As a ­decades-long advocate for self- ­defense, I know that those who teach and study it very rarely — ironically enough — have the platform to defend ourselves. The unsubstantiated meme “women’s self-defense is victim-blaming” persists, like a stalker. With Title IX, we haveRead More

Women’s Self Defense

ABOUT THE SEPS WOMEN’S SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAM A Free Personal Safety & Self-Defense Program The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) Women’s Self Defense Free Online Course, is a 9 module program that aims to introduce women to an array of subjects that concern their personal safety, from sexual assaults to potentially abusive partners (both emotionally andRead More